Product code: MBHR0023-00

Yellow Gold, 14 ct, 5.00 gr

Product features
  • Yellow Gold
  • 14 Carat
Stone Weight Quantity



Diamond 0,03 Carat 1 G-H SI Round
About the collectıon

Monarch  Butterfly

Monarch butterflies, wondrous species that spend their entire being on massive southward migrations. Monarch butterflies complete the north-south journey in four  generations. With their silken wings, they have full dedication to complete the journey as if they knew their way and passed the entire route for hundreds of times. The journey starts on the equinox, when the length of day and night are equal to each other. The first 3 generations live for 4 months each while the fourth generation lives for 8 months and completes the journey. A fantastic story and extraordinary jewels…

Jewellery Care

When using your jewels, you should carefully wear and care to protect from the loss of value and daily use. It is necessary to protect it from falls and scratches during use. Cleaning with careful care must be done in Roberto Bravo. When you receive any Roberto Bravo jewel, you will be given a certificate. This certificate is the certificate of the jewel and it guarantees your jewel.

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