Ring Size

How to Calculate Ring Size?

The ring is the most intimate of jewelry, an accessory that is worn every day and complements our style. It should fit well on the finger and make you feel comfortable,

Here are some tips for determining the correct size of your ring;

Measure your fingers in the evening when they are widest.

Do not measure your fingers when they are cold; let them warm up a little at room temperature.

The width of the ring is an important factor in determining the correct finger size.

 You can use one of the two easy methods below to find the ring size;

Diameter Calculation       

Hold the ring you were wearing before

Use a ruler with millimeter (mm) measurement

Place the ring horizontally on the ruler and measure the inside diameter of the ring from length to length, making sure that the widest part of the ring is measured.

The mm equivalent of the ring on the ruler indicates the inside diameter of the ring

Finger Size Calculation

Wrap your finger with a piece of thread, wire or paper strip.

Mark with a pencil where the two ends of the thread meet

Obtain a ruler with millimeter (mm) measurements

Measure on the ruler up to where you marked on the string or paper

The value you find will give the length of the circumference of your finger.