Product code: GBHP0010-00

Gold, 14 ct, 6.07 gr

Product features
  • Gold
  • 14 Carat
Stone Weight Quantity



Diamond 0,18 Carat 18 G-H SI
Sapphire 0,09 Carat 10
Sapphire 0,10 Carat 11
Sapphire 0,04 Carat 2
Sapphire 0,33 Carat 45
About the collectıon

Le Grand Bleu

A fish came from the depths and held Enzo by the hand. The fish presented him with the big diamonds he hids in the depths and moss covered amphoras. Suddenly Enzo understood what was happening. It was heaven that he saw. Enzo made his decision, got out of the water. He dipped his brush into blue for the seas, into glitter for the diamonds and pearls, into gold for the treasures and painted the…

Jewellery Care

When using your jewels, you should carefully wear and care to protect from the loss of value and daily use. It is necessary to protect it from falls and scratches during use. Cleaning with careful care must be done in Roberto Bravo. When you receive any Roberto Bravo jewel, you will be given a certificate. This certificate is the certificate of the jewel and it guarantees your jewel.

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