Product code: KRE000010-00

Yellow, White & Rose Gold, 14 ct, 6.00 gr

Product features
  • Yellow, White & Rose Gold
  • 14 Carat
Stone Weight Quantity



Diamond 0,06 Carat 2 G-H SI Round
Sapphire 0,06 Carat 2 Round
About the collectıon


There is no a precise definition of love, there are only some statements. When you grow up, you will meet a person with whom you will walk the same path and spend your whole life with. Do not forget that he is waiting for you at some place. You will love him more than yourself; and he will love you. Every time you meet each other you will be excited by the first time memories. You will go to bed together, you will wake up together. And these two lives will draw one path called fate and will have fruits like you.  Ignoring time, you will enjoy every breath you take. 

He will become a person that you care about most in the world; he will call you ‘Kareena’. You should know that Kareena means the most valuable in life. You will be the most eye-catching jewel of his, just like the sun lighting the world. Just as came the day when all your dreams of your life became true…

Jewellery Care

When using your jewels, you should carefully wear and care to protect from the loss of value and daily use. It is necessary to protect it from falls and scratches during use. Cleaning with careful care must be done in Roberto Bravo. When you receive any Roberto Bravo jewel, you will be given a certificate. This certificate is the certificate of the jewel and it guarantees your jewel.

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