Roberto Bravo, a global jewelry brand, has specialized in this subject by combining the hot enamel technique with its mastery in craftsmanship, and made it the signature of its designs, during its long-term branding process. Thanks to this technique, which plays an important role in maintaining the ongoing success of Roberto Bravo, flawless appearance and bright colors are achieved in every piece. There are two different techniques: hot and cold enamel. Roberto Bravo uses the hot enamel technique. Warm enamel is a special material and has become the signature of Roberto Bravo's designs. The creation of each collection begins with deep emotion, passion and interaction. Parts; It goes through a process that takes many times to achieve a flawless appearance and perfect color. Enamel, one of the most elegant forms of application known, is obtained by mixing and heating glass powder and various substances with metal oxides to give the desired color. The enamel, which is processed many times in a hot oven, fuses with the metal surface and acquires its well-known bright and flawless appearance. Global brands such as Van Cleef, Piaget and Faberge use the hot enamel technique. Cold enamel is matte and plastic.

Roberto Bravo creates extraordinary designs. Women, special collections and inspirations such as Noah's Ark, Monarch Butterfly, White Dreams, Le Grand Bleu, Global Warming, Black Magic, Hedgehog, Black Orchid, Bonbon, Bigo, Baguette, Gallica, Salsa, Naviblue, Attach, Chicky, Neon, Marrakech surprises with its inspiring stories. Each collection attracts women with its “one-of-a-kind character” thanks to its story and handcrafted craftsmanship. Jewelry illuminated by precious and semi-precious stones such as diamond, sapphire, topaz, citrine, emerald, ruby, amethyst and malachite offers an extraordinary life style to fans of the creative spirit.

We Produce Handmade Unique Jewelery

When we look at a person's face, the first thing we notice is their eyes. In these respects, the eye is a miracle in the human body and also a unique jewel. Green eyes are the rarest eye color in the world. The green color of Roberto Bravo eyes represents the nature and unique jewels from which his collections are inspired. With this reality, Roberto Bravo creates a strong jewelry trend worldwide with its designs, impressive collections and wide product range.


Extraordinary Jewelery From Around the World

Roberto Bravo is a global jewelery brand.It is a Turkish company of Italian origin.

Our collections are designed and produced in Italy and Turkey and exported to approximately 50 countries and 550 destinations from Moscow to China.

It continues to create brand new trends with its collections inspired by nature, extraordinary stories, unique designs and unique jewellery.